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Seámus Harvey

Seámus was born in Donegal Town, County Donegal.  At 4 years of age,  his family moved to the States and they lived in Philadelphia.  his love for Ireland, never left him so in 2014 , he took an early retirement, he & his wife moved back to his roots & his heart in Ireland.  they currently live in County Donegal.  So I guess you could say he is the “real” Quiet Man.

Seámus Harveys famous walking sticks are individually hand finished in his donegal home.

Truly unique in the use of exclusively found Irish wood, no trees are damaged in the harvesting of materials. created by nature and finished by hand.

Each stick comes with its own unique GPS co-ordinates that allow you to see where it was found on Google earth.

No two sticks are identical, allowing you to find the perfect style for you.

Seámus also accepts requests for custom pieces and will travel to any location you wish your wood to come from. contact us for custom work.