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Martin Robbins


From early on in his adult life, Martin has consistently added to the evolution and development of his creative and spiritual life. Both influenced and supported each other throughout the abstract and landscape painting phase that led to a series of exhibitions in France through to the fine detailed drawings of animals that became the basis for his boxset of divination cards, book and cd, and all the diverse artistic experiments in between.

The move from the U.K. to Ireland in 2008 was a major turning point in Martin’s life providing an adventure into personal, artistic and spiritual growth and deepening connection with Nature. His shamanic practice led him to train in the Celtic tradition resulting in the creative shift towards using the treasures of the land and sea and incorporating Celtic symbols in his work.

Using only natural found objects, the pieces Martin creates vibrate with the energy of another time and resonate with the Ancestor within, offering a focus for reflection, peace and possible remembrance